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FlexBox Cheat Sheet! Here is a great resource for learning flexbox. A quick and simple cheat sheet, makes learning fun. flexboxsheet source: http://jonibologna.com/content/images/flexboxsheet.pdf


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Regex Testing Made Easy I have used a lot of regex testing services online but this one is by far the best out there. Why? You can easily generate regex code in your favourite language that you can easily copy/paste into your project! Go To: Tools -> code generator Website: https://regex101.com/

The DOM isn’t slow, you are.

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Goodread for web devs   TL;DR: Use jQuery for what it is meant for, not everything. If you do stupid sh*t with the DOM, it will perform poorly. If your web-app is slow, it’s because of your code, not the DOM.   Full article: The DOM isn’t slow, you are.

Heroku Projects deployed

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Deployed some apps to Heroku: Bootstrap Image Gallery http://jsamaroo-bootstrap-gallery.herokuapp.com/ CSS Photo Blog http://jsamaroo-htmlcss-gallery.herokuapp.com/ ToDo List App http://jsamaroo-todolist.herokuapp.com/ RGB Guessing Game App http://jsamaroo-rgbgame.herokuapp.com/ Patatap Clone App http://jsamaroo-patatap.herokuapp.com/ YelpCamp App (Yelp Clone W.I.P.) http://jsamaroo-yelpcamp.herokuapp.com/ Will update these with feature list and their own dedicated page on my website soon. Stay tuned!

Cheatsheet: Heroku Deployment

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Some deployment steps for Heroku: To deploy static html/css project: 1) Create an index.php file with the following content: <?php include_once(“home.html”); ?> 2) Rename your main or index.html to home.html 3) Deploy app To deploy node.js project: 1) Ensure package.json has a start script and deploy app. e.g. “scripts”: { “test”: “echo \”Error: no test… Read more »

Cheatsheet: MongoDB

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Mongo DB Commands A table of some useful mongo commands. These were used and tested on Cloud 9. Command Description $ mkdir data $ echo ‘mongod –bind_ip=$IP –dbpath=data –nojournal –rest “$@”‘ > mongod $ chmod a+x mongod Setup Mongo to use a dir “data” ./mongod Start mongo server mongo Start mongo shell show dbs Print… Read more »

Cheatsheet: GIT

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GIT Commands A table of some useful git commands. Command Description git init Create a new local repository git rm -rf .git Undo git init git add <filename> git add . Add one or more files to staging (index) git status List the files you’ve changed and those you still need to add or commit… Read more »

Cheatsheet: REST

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RESTful Routes A table of all 7 RESTful routes Name Path HTTP Verb Purpose Mongoose Method Index /dogs GET List all dogs Dog.find() New /dogs/new GET Show new dog form N/A Create /dogs POST Create a new dog, then redirect somewhere Dog.create() Show /dogs/:id GET Show info about one specific dog Dog.findById() Edit /dogs/:id/edit GET… Read more »