Projects Updated!

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New projects added with screenshots! The Projects Menu Item has been updated with some latest projects with screenshots. Feel free to take a look, including 2 new iOS apps: Photo Album and Live Feed! Enjoy šŸ™‚

Heroku Projects deployed

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Deployed some apps to Heroku: BootstrapĀ Image Gallery CSS Photo Blog ToDo List App RGB Guessing Game App Patatap Clone App YelpCamp App (Yelp Clone W.I.P.) Will update these with feature list and their own dedicated page on my website soon. Stay tuned!

New Project Added – 41x Final Year Design Project

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The development of a Net-Zero Home Automation System for use in Reidā€™s Heritage Homes, with the purpose of educating its occupants in more efficient home energy usage practices. Please clickĀ HEREĀ for more information about my capstone Computer Engineering final year design project at the University Of Guelph. More photos and videos of the working system will… Read more »


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…A Task Management iOS App written in Swift!!! I recently started to learn Objective-C this year (2014), but then the Swift programming language was shortly released after by Apple.Ā So, I decided to start learning Swift instead šŸ˜€   Started learning it in my spare time and one of the Apps I created was a simple… Read more »

JavaScript + Highcharts

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…Creates beautiful interactive charts!! So, I decided to make a health metrics web application for one of my friends. In order to track their stats, I decided to do some javascript šŸ˜€ With the help of theĀ highchartsĀ charting library which is used to make interactive javascript charts, I was able to track their health metrics easily… Read more »

Project Sentry Gun

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Autonomously tracks, aims and shoots targets! So, I’ve been thinking about doing some project where I can can have manual control of some shooting device (e.g. a paintball gun) and fire remotely at targets. The system will also have an autonomous mode that will fire at targets automatically. Then I googled it….and well what do… Read more »